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Floor Cleaning Products at Quicksand Supplies

Quicksand Supplies offers timber floor cleaning and care products to customers across Australia. Our range of products is sourced from leading European manufacturers like WOCA, Berger-Seidle and Ciranova.

Caring for your timber floors doesn’t need to be complex. With the right products, regular cleaning and care will keep your flooring looking perfect for decades.

The right floor cleaning products depend on the type of flooring you have. Oiled and waxed timber floors call for different products than lacquered or vinyl flooring. Check the recommendations on our product pages to see which types of flooring our range is suitable for.

You’re welcome to browse our floor cleaning products online at any time. If you’re unsure which products to choose, contact Quicksand Supplies and we can help select the best tools for your project.

Caring For Your Timber Flooring

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a timber floor. Timber can bring natural warmth to any space without compromising on durability. However, timber flooring needs regular cleaning and care to prevent staining, cracking and warping.

Here’s how to maintain most types of hardwood, laminate and LVT flooring:

  • Sweep up any grit – Sand, small pebbles and other gritty particles should be swept up using a soft-bristle broom. Gritty particles can quickly scratch and damage timber floors.
  • Dry mop once per week – Use a dry, flat microfibre mop to dust your floors. This removes dust, dirt and other loose particles.
  • Vacuum every 1-2 weeks – Using a vacuum cleaner with a timber flooring attachment, vacuum your floors to remove any larger particles and to clean between the floorboards.
  • Mop every 1-2 weeks – After vacuuming the floor, you can use a damp mop to clean your floors. You may need to use a floor cleaning product like WOCA’s Master Cleaner (lacquered/laminate/vinyl floors) or WOCA’s Natural Soap (oiled/waxed floors) if your floors are visibly dirty or if you need to clean up kitchen oils, stains and spills.
  • Treat every 3-6 months – A care treatment is recommended to strengthen and rejuvenate your timber floor. WOCA Master Care (lacquered/laminate/vinyl floors) or WOCA Oil Refreshing Soap (oiled/waxed floors) is a great way to smooth any small scratches and protect against wear.

Gentle cleaning is the best policy for maintaining timber floors. Natural timber contains oils that protect it against moisture and dirt, but intensive cleaning with harsh soaps can strip those oils.

You may need to use a more intensive cleaning product if your timber floors are stained by moisture, cooking oils and spills.

What are the Best Products for Cleaning Timber Floors?

The team at Quicksand supplies has decades of experience in floor sanding and cleaning. We’ve tried the best floor cleaning products on the market, and we consistently recommend products from WOCA, Berger-Seidle and Ciranova.

These European manufacturers supply the industry’s most effective, affordable and easy-to-use products. Their products are suitable for both professionals and DIY use, and they’re ideal for regular cleaning and care.

If you have lacquered, vinyl, LVT or laminate timber flooring, we recommend using one of the following products for cleaning:

  • WOCA Master Cleaner
  • Berger-Seidle Neutral Cleaner Concentrate

Used in combination with a protective treatment like WOCA Master Care, these soaps will keep timber floors looking fantastic for decades to come.

If you have oiled or waxed timber flooring, we recommend the following:

  • WOCA Natural Soap
  • Ciranova Flooring Soap Concentrate
  • Berger-Seidle Bio Soap Concentrate

WOCA’s Oil Refreshing Soap is a great treatment product to use every 3-6 months to protect, nourish and enhance the wood’s natural colour.

Floor Cleaning Kits and Accessories

Maintaining timber floors doesn’t need to be a major task. If you are dry mopping once per week and cleaning with a damp mop every other week, your floors won’t need intensive care.

You can speed up your regular cleaning with a few simple care products, like furniture felt pads. These protect your floors from furniture scratches and reduce the need for sanding and spot repairs.

For regular sweeping and mopping, Quicksand Supplies recommends using a spray mop. Spray mops are ideal for damp mopping and removing build ups of dust, dirt, oils and spills. Unlike normal sponge mops which can saturate and damage timber floors, spray mops only apply small amounts of cleaning solution, protecting the timber from moisture damage.

If you’re unsure where to start, we also offer floor cleaning and care kits from WOCA. These kits include everything you need to clean, maintain and repair your timber floors. You can contact Quicksand Supplies to find out more, or speak with our team if you need help choosing the right floor cleaning and care products for your home.