Collection: Floor Coatings & Fillers

Interior & Timber Floor Coating Products

Timber floors are some of the world’s most popular surfaces. The natural material breathes warmth into any space, and it can withstand the rough and tumble of everyday life for decades. Ensuring you get the best use from your timber floors means investing in the right floor coating products.

Quicksand Supplies specialises in timber floor coatings. We carry an extensive range of interior coating systems from leading European manufacturers, including WOCA, Ciranova and Berger-Seidle.

Interior timber floor coatings are intended to form a protective layer over your flooring. This layer is resistant to scratches, spills and stains, making it easier to maintain your timber floors in the long-term. Our range includes products that are suitable for all timber species and applications – speak to our team if you’d like help choosing the right coating system.

Timber Floor Gap Filler

The joints in timber floors allow the wood to expand and contract in Australia’s heat and humidity. While small gaps play a functional role in your flooring, large gaps can be unsightly, and they may trap dust and other debris. These gaps are often fixed with floor joint filler.

Timber floor joint filler is a semi-flexible product that is used to fill gaps, nail holes and gaps around the edges of flooring. Designed to blend into the surrounding timber, floor joint filler is available in a range of tones to suit most timber species.

Quicksand Supplies offers AquaSeal joint filler from Berger-Seidle. AquaSeal is a sandable yet elastic filling compound that provides the ideal amount of flex for timber floors. When used correctly, AquaSeal moves with timber boards, rather than cracking and requiring constant upkeep.

AquaSeal floor joint filler is available in a range of ready-to-use colours. This acrylic-based product offers strong adhesion and is suitable for use as a filler and glue for timber floors.

Floor Coating Products & Accessories

In addition to our selection of floor coating products, Quicksand Supplies offers all the accessories you need to complete your project.

Recoating interior timber floors is a DIY-friendly task. Products from WOCA, Ciranova and Berger-Seidle are designed for use by homeowners looking to maintain their own floors, furniture and timber features. These products are easy to use, low or non-toxic, and they come with simple instructions from the manufacturer.

To complete the job, you’ll need a range of tools and equipment, including mixing buckets and rollers. If you are planning to touch up or refinish your floors, Quicksand Supplies can provide everything you need to get the job done.

Speak with us about your project and we can put together a package that includes interior floor coatings, fillers and accessories. That way, you’ll have the tools you need to complete the work, and your floors will look incredible for years to come.

We Deliver Floor Coating Products Across Australia

Quicksand Supplies works with homeowners and commercial customers across Australia. We’re a team of floor sanders and specialists with over 25 years’ experience. During our time in the industry, we’ve used hundreds of products, and we only stock the floor coating systems we use ourselves.

With a range that includes polyurethane, oils, hardwax oil and timber floor joint fillers, we can support any project you’re planning. We ship products across Australia, and can supply application instructions and the accessories you’ll need to get the job done.

We partner with leading European manufacturers to bring class-leading interior coatings and fillers to Australia. These high performance coatings offer the best protection on the market, and we stand by our range of products for use around the home.

You can browse our range of floor coatings and fillers online at any time. If you are planning a project and need advice, contact our team and we’ll be able to recommend the best products for your floors.