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Clean and Protect Your Floors with Laminate Floor Cleaner

Laminate floors have quickly become one of Australia’s most popular flooring solutions. Laminate not only looks fantastic, modern products are durable, water-resistant and extremely affordable. But laminate flooring is less durable than natural timber, so it’s important to use a dedicated laminate floor cleaner product.

Laminate floor cleaners are specially formulated to:

  • Remove dirt, grease and marks from the surface of the laminate
  • Clean without damaging protective coatings
  • Strengthen the surface
  • Increase spill and liquid resistance
  • Extends the life of the floor

Most types of hybrid and laminate floors consist of a base of particleboard that is topped by printed and protective layers. While this makes laminate an affordable option, the particleboard can absorb moisture, and the top layers may be prone to scratching. The best way to avoid this is to clean your laminate floors on a weekly basis with a specially formulated product. Laminate floor cleaners remove dirt and prevent scratching, all without causing water damage to the flooring.

How to Clean Laminate Floors

Because some types of laminate flooring are prone to absorbing moisture, it’s best to clean your floors using dedicated products. We typically recommend using Woca’s Master Cleaner, which is formulated for laminated, lacquered, vinyl and LVT floors. 

Cleaning laminate floors with Woca products is a straightforward process:

  1. Dilute 125mL of Woca Master Cleaner in 5L of warm water
  2. Use a lint-free mop to clean the floor boards (clean along the length of the wood grain if applicable)
  3. Rinse the mop in a clean bucket of warm water in between passes
  4. Mop or dry any excess water to avoid damaging the flooring

Laminate floors should be cleaned each week to prevent scratching and staining. For best results, you can use Woca’s Master Care as a treatment when the floor needs it. This adds a protective layer that helps with spill-resistance and extends the lifespan of your flooring. Woca Master Care is applied directly to clean laminate flooring and spread evenly with a lint-free mop. Floors can be used in 30-60 minutes once the Master Care has dried.

Always test new cleaning products in an inconspicuous area to make sure they won’t damage your floors or cause the laminate to swell. If you’re unsure, the team at Quicksand Supplies will be happy to recommend a laminate floor cleaner that is suitable for your floors.

Laminate Floor Cleaning Kits and Accessories

At Quicksand Supplies we offer everything you need to get your floors looking spick and span. Our range includes laminate floor cleaners from Woca and Berger-Seidle, and we also provide the accessories you need to get the job done.

Cleaning your floors with laminate floor cleaner is a DIY friendly job that any homeowner can tackle. To make the job even easier, we supply complete DIY floor cleaning kits that include everything you need to clean, protect and maintain your floors. Our floor cleaning kits offer leading products from Woca – all you need to supply is a lint-free mop.

If you’re looking for the simplest cleaning solution, a spray mop with a reusable microfibre pad can clean and protect your floors without the risk of scratching. For more serious applications, we also offer commercial-quality twist mops that can be used as part of your Timber Floor Cleaner routine, and additionally, can be used on all types vinyl, lacquered and laminate flooring.

We Supply Laminate Floor Cleaner Australia Wide

Quicksand Supplies offers laminate floor cleaner Australia wide. We work with both homeowners and industry professionals, and there is more than 25 years of flooring experience behind our team. We have firsthand experience with cleaning, repairing and refinishing all types of floors, and we only recommend the products we use ourselves.

Our range of floor cleaning supplies is sourced from leading European manufacturers. Woca and Berger-Seidle produce some of the industry’s best laminate flooring solutions. Their products are specially formulated to be compatible with modern floors, and they’re ideal for use with laminate, LVT, vinyl and lacquered timber.

With a selection that includes laminate floor cleaners, protectants, mops, accessories and DIY cleaning kits. Quicksand Supplies offers everything you need to keep your floors looking perfect. You can explore our exterior decking oil and timber floor varnish range online at any time, or contact us if you need help selecting the best products for your floors.