Collection: Exterior Deck Cleaners

Outside Floor Cleaner

Your exterior flooring has to put up with some of Australia’s toughest conditions. When decks and timber flooring live out in the sun, regular cleaning is the best way to protect your surfaces.

Quicksand Supplies provides specialist outside floor cleaner that can keep your decks looking fantastic.

Our range is sourced from leading European manufacturers, like WOCA, Ciranova and Berger-Seidle. These products represent the industry’s best solutions for cleaning, maintaining and restoring exterior timber surfaces.

We ship outside floor cleaner Australia wide. If you are getting ready to restore your exterior timbers, or if it’s time for regular maintenance, Quicksand Supplies has the products you need.

You can browse our range online at any time, or contact us if you need help selecting the right exterior wood restoration products for your project.

How to Use Outside Floor Cleaner

Cleaning is the first step in any timber maintenance or restoration project. We recommend applying a fresh coat of protective oil to your decks and exterior timbers every 12 months, and they need to be cleaned beforehand.

WOCA’s Exterior Wood Cleaner is the ideal product for cleaning dirt, mould, stains and debris off your decks and outdoor flooring. It’s simple to use and specially formulated to remove contaminants without stripping natural oils from the wood.

Here’s how to use outside floor cleaner from WOCA:

  1. Remove furniture and potted plants – Clear your deck of any furniture, potted plants and lighting that will interfere with the cleaning process. If you’re cleaning a piece of furniture, consider moving it onto a grassed or paved area to work on.
  2. Get rid of loose debris – Use a stiff broom to clean up loose leaves and dirt from the surface of the deck. Soak the deck using a garden hose.
  3. Dilute and apply the cleaner – Dilute 1 part WOCA Exterior Wood Cleaner with 2 parts water and apply evenly over the deck. One litre of wood cleaner covers 8-10m2 of timber.
  4. Scrub the timber – Use a stiff scrubbing brush and scrub along the length of the wood grain until the surface is clean. You may need to rinse and repeat this process for especially dirty timbers.
  5. Allow the surface to dry – Once the timber is cleaned, it needs to dry for 24-48 hours before being coated with Exterior Wood Oil.
  6. Apply Exterior Wood Oil – Freshly cleaned outdoor flooring needs to be protected with a product like WOCA Exterior Wood Oil. Oiling your timbers protects them against UV, moisture, dirt and mould.

Exterior Wood Restoration Products

Exterior timbers aren’t limited to decks and flooring. Your outdoor furniture, fences, screens and timber sheds also need to be protected from Australia’s weather.

Quicksand Supplies offers a range of exterior wood restoration products that can breathe new life into your outdoor timbers. If you have timber furniture, fences or any other features that need to be refinished, our range includes the products you need.

Using exterior wood restoration products provides a few major benefits, including:

  • Prolong the life of your timbers – Exterior timbers tend to dry out over time. This can cause boards to warp, crack and rot. The right restoration products can extend the life of your exterior timbers dramatically.
  • Reduced maintenance – Restored exterior timbers require less maintenance. Once they’re freshly cleaned and protected with products such as WOCAs Exterior Wood Oil, your timbers will only need to be maintained once every 12 months.
  • Enhanced aesthetics – Nothing looks quite as good as freshly oiled timber. If your exterior decks and furniture are starting to fade or look tired, exterior wood restoration products can bring them back to life.
  • Ease of application – Quicksand Supplies sells a range of products that are suitable for DIY projects. We’ve carefully selected high-performing products that are easy to apply. You don’t need to be a professional to maintain your home with our exterior wood restoration products.

Exterior Wood Restoration Applicators

If you’re embarking on a timber restoration project, you’ll need the right tools for the job.

In most cases, our outside floor cleaner and timber restoration products can be applied using tools from your local hardware store. All you need is brushes, painting trays and a decking oil applicator.

For the best results, we recommend purchasing a dedicated tool like the WOCA Exterior Oil Applicator. WOCA’s applicator is purpose-designed to provide even coating when applying oil and restoration products to decks.

The wide sponge pads used with the applicator ensure a thin, even coat of wood oil. This leaves your decks looking like they’re brand new, and it means you won’t waste any product during the application process.