Collection: Tools & Accessories (Cleaning & Care)

Floor Cleaning Tools

Regular cleaning is an important part of maintaining timber flooring, laminate and vinyl. Build ups of dirt and grit can cause your floors to dull and scratch, and stains get harder to remove the longer you leave them.

Quicksand Supplies makes sure you have everything you need by supplying a huge range of cleaning products and floor cleaning tools!

We offer all the tools and accessories needed to clean, protect and maintain timber flooring. The range includes mops, replacement mop heads, felt pads, repair kits and floor cleaning tools like polishing pads.

Whether you’re looking for everyday cleaning supplies, or the tools you need to refinish and polish your timber floors, Quicksand Supplies has you covered. You can browse the range online, or contact us if you would like help selecting the right floor cleaning tools and accessories for your next project.

Floor Cleaning Accessories

Removing stubborn stains, scratches and damage from your floors can be a challenge. Quicksand Supplies offers a range of treatments to help deal with marks, but you’ll also need the right floor cleaning accessories to get the job done.

If you’re struggling with marks on your timber flooring, our scrubbing and polishing pads can get your floors back to perfect shape. Combined with cleaning products like WOCA Natural Soap, scrubbing pads can remove the dirt from any timber floor.

After scrubbing, you’ll need to polish your floors to remove any lifted fibres and return them to their former glory. Our polishing pads are perfect for the job. When used with a polishing machine, these pads gently remove imperfections and leave a subtle sheen on oiled timber floors.

For larger areas of damage, our repair kits can be used to make a colour-matched repair. With a bit of polishing and treatment, you’ll never know your flooring ever needed to be repaired!

Mops & Floor Cleaning Tools

The easiest way to clean timber flooring is with a mop and bucket. But it’s not quite that simple, because too much water can damage the finish and soak into the timber, causing it to swell and rot.

Using the right type of mop makes it easy to clean your floors without leaving behind excess water.

At Quicksand Supplies, we recommend using a quality twist mop or spray mop with a cotton head. These floor cleaning tools are easy to use and they’re easy to wring out, so you won’t run the risk of applying too much water to your flooring.

Our twist mop is ideal for timber floors with an oil finish. The design of the mop allows for plenty of downward pressure, while the gentle cotton mop head makes it easy to remove dirt and stains without scratching your floors.

For an all-purpose floor cleaning tool, we offer spray mops from WOCA and Berger-Seidle. These mops can be filled with your cleaning solution of choice, which is then sprayed onto the floor with a simple pull of the handle. This minimises the amount of water you’re applying to the floor while still providing excellent cleaning power.

Protect Your Floors with Felt Pads

Cleaning and polishing isn’t the only way to maintain your timber floor – it’s also important to protect flooring from furniture and scrapes.

Our furniture felt pads are some of our most popular floor cleaning accessories. They’re available in a huge range of sizes, and they come with industrial strength adhesive to ensure they don’t wander during normal use.

Adding felt pads to the feet of your furniture is a simple and affordable way to prevent them from scratching your floors. Keep in mind that felt pads tend to attract dirt and grit over time, so they need to be replaced every year or so.

While that’s a little bit of extra work, these floor cleaning accessories are the best thing you can do to prevent damage to your timber, vinyl and laminate flooring.