Collection: Cotton & Spray Mops

Cotton and Spray Mops at Quicksand Supplies

Cleaning oiled and lacquered timber floors is essential to proper maintenance. Floors require timber floor cleaner products to be dusted and mopped on a regular basis to protect the timber and finish from scratching and discolouration. This can be done using a conventional vacuum cleaner, but the best tool for the job is a spray mop.

Spray mops feature a built-in reservoir and spraying mechanism that mists your floors with cleaning solution while mopping. Simply pull the trigger on the handle, and the mop will spritz your cleaner directly onto the floor, ready to be mopped up with the cotton pad. This is highly effective for cleaning up dust, dirt, oils, spills and food.

In addition to our range of timber floor cleaning products and hard wax oil for timber floors, Quicksand Supplies offers cotton and spray mops from leading European suppliers. For weekly dusting, monthly mopping and regular floor maintenance, we highly recommend using spray mops with a cleaner that’s suitable for your flooring type.

Cotton Mops for all Hard Floors

Cotton mops are perfect for cleaning hard floors and surfaces. The spray mops offered by Quicksand Supplies are fitted with cotton and microfibre blended pads. These pads are soft and highly effective at picking up dirt, dust, grit and everyday mishaps.

The real beauty of cotton mops is their suitability for dry dusting and wet cleaning. When dry, a spray mop with a cotton pad can pick up light dust, dirt and pet hair off the floor. When used in combination with a floor soap, wet cotton mops are also ideal for dirt, spills, cooking oils and deep cleaning. This versatility means our spray mops can be used to clean any type of hard flooring, including timber, tiles, laminate and polished concrete.

While spray mops can be used to clean any type of hard flooring, they are ideal for timber floors. Unlike a traditional mop and bucket, spray mops are most effective when the pad is damp rather than wet. Using a damp spray mop to clean wooden floors avoids excess moisture, which can stain or damage the timber.

How to Use a Cotton Twist Mop

Using a twist mop is designed to be easy. If you’re dry dusting, simply attach a clean cotton pad and begin dusting the floor. For floors that are especially dirty, you should periodically switch out the pad for a new one. WOCA cotton pads are reusable and can be put in the wash when they’re dirty.

For wet cleaning, spray or twist mops only require a few simple steps:

  • Wet the cotton twist mop pad with warm water. Wring out the excess water – cotton mop pads work best when damp, rather than wet.
  • Fill the mop reservoir with a cleaning product such as diluted Natural Soap (oiled floors) or Master Cleaner (lacquered, vinyl & laminate floors) from Woca. Make sure the cleaner you use is compatible with your floors and finish.
  • Attach the mop pad to the handle, pull the trigger to spritz cleaner onto the floor and you’re ready to go!

After every use, fill your mop’s reservoir with water and pull the trigger to clean out the spray nozzle. This prevents soap and minerals from clogging the spout.

Supplying Spray Mops Australia Wide

Quicksand Supplies has more than 20 years experience in the floor sanding industry. We have resurfaced, cleaned and maintained a wide variety of timber floors, and spray mops remain one of our favourite tools. Spray mops are light, affordable and highly effective, so we are happy to recommend them to our customers.

We’ve partnered with leading European manufacturers such as WOCA and Berger-Seidle. Their products are some of the industry’s best, and their spray mops are compatible with a huge variety of timber and laminate floor cleaner products. Whatever type of flooring you have, our range of spray mops and cleaning products can keep them looking perfect.

You are welcome to browse our range of timber floor cleaners, cotton and spray mops and replacement pads online at any time. If you need help selecting the right cleaning accessories or timber floor varnish for your floors then get in touch – we’re happy to provide advice for all types of timber flooring.