Collection: Oiled & Waxed Floor Cleaners

Cleaning Products for Oiled & Waxed Timber Floors

The team at Quicksand Supplies offers a range of products that are perfect for day to day care of your oiled and waxed timber floors.

While these types of surfaces are beautiful, oil and wax may require more care than synthetic coatings, so they need extra help to stay clean. Oil and wax floor cleaner products are designed for regular use, but they can also be used for deep cleaning if it’s time to refinish your floors or clean up a stubborn stain.

Our wax and oil floor cleaner range is suitable for floors, benches, furniture, screens and most oiled or waxed timber surfaces. Combined with products like WOCA’s wood stain remover and maintenance gel, we make it easy to keep your home looking fresh.

You can browse our range online at any time, or contact us if you need help selecting the right cleaning products for your floors.

Wax Floor Cleaner

Timber floors are prized for their warmth and natural beauty. When properly cared for, these floors can last for decades and withstand hard use.

In settings where you want to enhance the elegance of timber floors, wax coatings are often used. Wax timber coatings offer protection against the rough and tumble of everyday life, they’re environmentally friendly, and they allow the natural beauty of timber to shine.

But wax is easily soluble in most cleaning products, so it’s important to use a dedicated wax floor cleaner on these types of surfaces. Wax floor cleaner is specially formulated to remove dirt, grit and stains without damaging the protective wax coatings.

Quicksand Supplies carries a range of wax floor cleaners from leading European manufacturers Ciranova and Berger-Seidle. These timber cleaning products are a specialised type of mild soap that can remove dirt and refresh your floors without damaging the protective layer.

Always follow the manufacturer’s directions when using wax floor cleaner. Improper use of cleaning products can affect the wax layer and you may need to re-wax your surfaces.

Oil Floor Cleaner

Just like waxed floors, many homeowners opt for oiled timber for its natural beauty. As a naturally oily material, timber takes oil finishes very well, providing a tough, long-lasting alternative to synthetic coatings.

Because oil soaks into the fibres of the timber, cleaning your floors requires specialist oil floor cleaners. Oil floor cleaner is formulated to remove dirt, marks and stains without stripping away the oil coating.

Quicksand Supplies has partnered with leading European manufacturers, including WOCA, Berger-Seidle and Ciranova. Our suppliers produce oil floor cleaners that are capable of refreshing your floors without damaging its protective layer.

Oiled timber floors need to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent dirt and grit from building up between the fibres. These buildups can damage the oil coating and cause the timber to scratch during normal use. With oil floor cleaner, it’s easy to keep your floors looking perfect without damaging the finish.

How to Clean Oiled & Waxed Floors

Cleaning your waxed and oiled floors is crucial. Wax and oil coatings can trap dirt and grit in the fibres of timber, leading to a dull floor. Regular cleaning prevents this, and increases the lifespan of your coatings.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions when using oil or wax floor cleaner. Generally speaking, you need to:

  1. Mix the floor cleaner with lukewarm water. Concentrated cleaning products should be diluted.
  2. Use a soft mop (such as spray mop) to clean the floors with as little water as possible.
  3. Clean floors along the length of the timber grain wherever possible. Cleaning against the grain could cause fibres to lift.
  4. Open doors and windows to encourage the flooring to dry quickly.
  5. Repeat if there are any stains or stubborn marks remaining, or use a stronger cleaning product and a scrubbing pad to remove staining.

Oiled and waxed timber floors should be cleaned on a weekly basis. Use a product such as WOCA’s Natural Soap or Neutral Cleaner Concentrate from Berger-Seidle. These provide excellent cleaning power without damaging the protective coating on your timber.

If your timbers are scratched or if you have removed the coating while scrubbing a stain, restore the finish with WOCA’s Maintenance Gel or Maintenance Oil.

We Ship Wax & Oil floor Cleaner Australia Wide

The team at Quicksand Supplies has over 25 years’ experience in the floor sanding industry. We’ve used thousands of products over the years, and we only offer the wax and oil floor cleaners we trust.

Our range is sourced from leading European manufacturers. Oil and wax floor cleaners perform a very specific job, so it’s important that you use the right products. Floor cleaners from WOCA, Ciranova and Berger-Seidle offer the best performance, and you can rely on them to take care of everyday dirt, stains and grime.

Cleaning your floors regularly is an important part of timber floor maintenance. We recommend a light cleaning on a weekly basis, with deep cleaning every 6-12 months. Stains and other stubborn spots should be cleaned as soon as possible to avoid permanently damaging the timber.

If you’re unsure which products are right for your floors, contact Quicksand Supplies. Our team is happy to discuss your requirements and recommend an oil or wax floor cleaner that suits your surfaces.