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Timber floors are one of the world’s most stunning building materials. They require regular care and maintenance, and many of those jobs are DIY-friendly.

Australians have traditionally had limited access to high quality timber care products. That leaves us calling in the professionals for simple jobs that we can take care of ourselves.

At Quicksand Supplies, we’ve been in the floor sanding and restoration industry for almost three decades. As professionals, we have had access to leading products from around the world, and we are now making them available to homeowners in Australia.

Our love for timber flooring means we want to make these products accessible to everybody. In our range, you’ll find a selection of products from European brands that are leading the industry in quality, sustainability and ease-of-use.

Each of these products blends trade-quality with DIY-friendly application, making them suitable for every timber maintenance job around the home.


WOCA is a Danish manufacturer of timber floor care products. They produce timber cleaning solutions, oil finishes, wax finishes, hard wax finishes, as well as products for laminate flooring.

WOCA’s products are formulated from premium materials that protect, preserve and enhance the beauty of natural timber. Their range is recognised for its outstanding quality throughout Europe, where they comply with the strict standards imposed by Denmark, Germany, the UK and the European Union.

One of the major advantages of WOCA products is that they provide trade-quality results in a user-friendly package. The WOCA range offered by Quicksand Supplies is 100% suitable for DIYers, and their Low VOC or VOC Free products ensure you can maintain and restore your floors in complete safety.

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Berger-Seidle is a German producer of specialist products for timber floors. They offer a variety of high-end products that contain many of the industry’s latest technological developments.

In fact, Berger-Seidle is responsible for many inventions in timber care, and their research is now widely used throughout the industry.

Berger-Seidle is committed to innovation and sustainability. This is reflected in their Low VOC, environmentally-friendly products which contain fewer harsh chemicals than many of their competitors.

Their focus on protecting health and the environment means Berger-Seidle products are very well suited to families with concerns such as asthma, allergies and other health sensitivities. The range is also DIY-friendly, and suitable for anyone looking to maintain, repair or restore their timber flooring.

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Ciranova is a Belgian company that manufactures finishing products for flooring, parquet, furniture and other timber objects. They provide an extensive range of colours, stains, varnishes, oils, waxes and general maintenance products.

Ciranova’s products are backed by more than 90 years of innovation. They have grown rapidly in recent years, with DIY timber floor care increasing in popularity.

The products developed by Ciranova offer some of the industry’s finest finishes. If you are staining, protecting or refinishing timber flooring and objects, the Ciranova range makes it easy to achieve effortless results.

In particular, the hard wax oils produced by Ciranova are an excellent choice of protective coating for your timber floors. They contain industry-leading formulations that are durable yet easy to apply, and they can be complemented with a variety of stains that enhance the appearance of natural timber flooring.

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