What is the Best Hard Wax Oil for Furniture?

What is the Best Hard Wax Oil for Furniture?

Hard wax oil is a product that’s designed to provide long-lasting protection for timber floors, benchtops and furniture.

Made from a combination of natural oils and waxes, hard wax oil sinks into the fibre of the wood and protects it from the inside. This prevents timber furniture from becoming damaged or stained by water, spills, grease and dirt.

Hard wax oils not only protect timber, they rejuvenate the wood and enhance its natural appearance. This makes them especially popular for use on interior furniture and surfaces.

The best part about hard wax oil is that it’s a DIY-friendly product. If your timber furniture is starting to look tired, you can bring it back to life with some hard wax oil and a bit of elbow grease.

There are lots of products on the market, so in this article we’ll look at the best hard wax oil for furniture and its application process.

What is the Best Hard Wax Oil for Furniture?

We recommend Ciranova’s Hardwax Oil Titan for use on furniture, screens, panels and other timber surfaces. Ciranova is a leading European manufacturer, and Hardwax Oil Titan is one of their best performing products.

Hardwax Oil Titan is suitable for DIY projects. It’s hard-wearing, easy to apply and suitable for a wide range of timber surfaces. For furniture that sees a lot of use, the durability of Hardwax Oil Titan can be improved with the addition of Ciranova Hardener UA. Adding 5% hardener produces a tougher surface that is more resistant to water, spills, stains and grease.

How to Apply Hard Wax Oil to Furniture

Protecting your furniture with hard wax oil is a DIY friendly project that can be tackled over the course of a weekend. You’ll only need sandpaper, rubber gloves, a paintbrush and/or roller, and a can of Ciranova Hardwax Oil Titan.

Use these instructions to apply the hard wax oil:

  1. Prepare the surface by sanding with 120 grit sandpaper. The aim is to remove imperfections and rough spots – these may be highlighted by the hard wax oil. Sand the furniture evenly to prevent patchiness once the coating is applied.
  2. Clean up any sanding dust with a vacuum cleaner.
  3. Using a paint brush, microfiber roller or spray gun, apply the hard wax oil according to the manufacturer’s directions. If using a paint brush or roller, try to work along the length of the grain. Brushes are often the best way to apply hard wax oil to furniture with intricate details. For large, flat surfaces (such as tabletops), a roller is the better option.
  4. Apply the hard wax oil in an even layer and allow it to soak into the timber. Leave the hard wax oil to dry for about 8 hours.
  5. Once the first coat is dry, you can apply a second coat. Gently wipe away any excess hard wax oil with a microfiber cloth.
  6. Allow the furniture to dry for 24 hours before use. It takes 7-10 days for hard wax oil to cure fully, so be careful not to scratch your furniture during that time.

Hard wax oils vary between manufacturers. Follow the directions on the tin, and always make sure you’re wearing appropriate PPE, such as rubber gloves and goggles.

Can Hard Wax Oil be Used on Outdoor Furniture?

Ciranova’s Hardwax Oil Titan is  suitable for use on internal furniture, floors, screens and timber panels. It is not specifically rated for outdoor use. Generally speaking, hard wax oil provides good protection against water and weather, but it is susceptible to UV rays.

Hard wax oil should only be used to treat outdoor furniture that is protected from the sun. For decking, deck chairs and other outdoor timbers that live in full sunlight, we recommend choosing a more conventional decking oil.

Protect Your Furniture, Floors and Timber Surfaces with Quicksand Supplies!

Hard wax oil is the perfect treatment for any timber furniture in your home. It’s hard wearing, easy to apply and it provides great protection against moisture, spills and everyday accidents.

If you have timber furniture that’s looking a little tired, Quicksand Supplies offers hard wax oils that we’ve trusted for over 20 years. We have decades of experience in floor sanding, and we’ve seen firsthand how hard wax oils perform when used on furniture, benchtops, tables and other timbers. Ciranova Hardwax Oil Titan is ideal for DIY-use and it’s the best hard wax oil on the market.

Our team is happy to help out with any project you have in mind. Feel free to browse our floor varnish or timber floor cleaner range online, or contact us if you need help selecting a hard wax oil for your furniture!

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