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What is the Best Decking Oil in Australia?

Decks, screens, pergolas and outdoor timbers live a hard life in Australia. The harsh sun and frequent storms are a challenge for wood of every species.

Keeping your deck looking fresh doesn’t need to be a challenge though. Decking oil is a simple and affordable way to protect timber against the elements. These products contain a blend of natural oils that soak into the timber and form a protective coating.

Oiling your decks and outdoor furniture is a very DIY-friendly process. Depending on the products you use, you could complete the job in a single weekend of good weather. In this article we’ll explore the best decking oil in Australia and compare the country’s favourite brands.

The Best Decking Oil in Australia

1. Cabot’s Natural Decking Oil

  • Formulation: Oil-based
  • Coverage: 10m2 per litre
  • Prep: Cabot’s Deck Clean

One of Australia’s favourite timber treatments is Cabot’s Natural Decking Oil. Affordable, readily available and easy to use, Cabot’s Natural Decking Oil is a simple product that’s suitable for all outdoor timbers.

This penetrating oil soaks into timbers, providing protection against dirt, mould, water and UV rays. It forms a semi-transparent finish that may slightly obscure the natural beauty of the timber, but it provides excellent protection against the elements.

It’s important to note that Cabot’s Natural Decking Oil has a long overcoating interval of 6 hours. If you are thinking of oiling your decks yourself, it may take a full day to complete an application of this product.

2. WOCA Exterior Wood Oil

  • Formulation: Water-based
  • Coverage: 8-10m2 per litre (first coat), 10-15m2 per litre (second coat)
  • Prep: WOCA Exterior Wood Cleaner

The best decking oil in Australia is WOCA’s Exterior Wood Oil. WOCA is a European brand that makes some of the industry’s best oils, stains and timber treatment products.

WOCA Exterior Wood Oil is class-leading in its ease of application and durability, making it perfect for DIY projects and professionals alike.

This product is water-based for easy application and clean up. It contains a mix of natural oils that penetrate the timber grain and provide protection from the inside out. WOCA Exterior Wood Oil is suitable for normal maintenance on new and previously oiled exterior timbers, including decks, fences, screens and outdoor furniture.

3. CUTEK Decking Oil

  • Formulation: Oil-based
  • Coverage: 10-20m2 per litre
  • Prep: CUTEK Quickclean

CUTEK Extreme CD50 is a penetrating timber oil that is suitable for decking and outdoor timbers. CUTEK Extreme has a unique self-healing effect that’s designed to withstand normal wear and tear for longer.

This product excels at penetrating into the grain of timber and highlighting its natural beauty. As a penetrating wood oil, CUTEK provides robust protection with low maintenance requirements.

CUTEK Extreme CD50 is high performance, but it’s also a costly option.

4. Sikkens Decking Oil

  • Formulation: Oil-based
  • Coverage: 12-16m2 per litre
  • Prep: Sikkens Cetol Deck & Wood Cleaner

Sikkens Cetol Decking Oil is a sophisticated product that’s part of the Sikkens oil system. This 3-coat system is ideal for protecting outdoor timbers. It forms a protective layer over top of the wood that’s resistant to weather, UV rays, mould and mildew.

The major benefit of the Sikkens system is that it offers the flexibility to be paired with other Sikkens top coats. This allows you to achieve a variety of finishes while still protecting the timber. The downside is that this complicates the application process, and you need to ensure you follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully.

5. Intergrain Decking Oil

  • Formulation: Water-based
  • Coverage: 10m2 per litre
  • Prep: Intergrain UltraPrep Timber Cleaner

Intergrain’s UltraDeck Timber Oil is one of Australia’s favourite products. This high performance coating is ideal for high traffic areas. It’s simple to apply and suitable for regular maintenance or restoring timber that has become damaged.

Intergrain recommends recoating outdoor timbers every 12 months. Between maintenance coats, you should also repair any areas that become scuffed or damaged to prevent moisture, fungus and mould from making its way into the wood.

It’s recommended that you apply 3 coats of Intergrain UltraDeck in areas that receive full sun.

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