Collection: Furniture Felt Pads

Furniture Felt Pads for Timber Floors

Furniture pads are the best way to protect floors from scratches, dents and excessive noise. Commonly made from rubber, plastic, foam or felt, furniture pads add a layer of protection between furniture and flooring. This allows your furniture to slide, rather than scratching its way across the floor. At Quicksand Supplies we’ve been sanding, restoring and maintaining timber floors for decades. We highly recommend using felt furniture pads to protect timber and laminate floors from the scratching that can occur whenever furniture moves across the ground. We offer furniture felt pads in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our felt pads come with industrial-strength adhesive that ensures they stay on longer. They’re also made of high-density wool that’s extra resistant to wear and tear. That means they won’t wear down or slip off when weight is placed on the pad. You’re welcome to browse our range of furniture felt pads online at any time. If you have questions about using felt pads to protect your timber floors, get in touch with our team.

Are Furniture Felt Pads Necessary?

Furniture felt pads are crucial if you have timber, laminate or other soft flooring. These types of flooring are prone to scratching during normal use. Installing felt pads on furniture is a simple, cheap and effective way to prevent scratching and reduce floor maintenance.

How to Apply Furniture Felt Pads

Furniture felt pads should be applied to any piece of furniture that might shift during normal use, such as chairs, tables, consoles and bed frames. Applying felt pads is simple:

  • Clean your floors. You should always clean your floors before placing down new furniture. This prevents grit and dirt from becoming trapped underneath the furniture and scratching the floor.
  • Clean the furniture leg. Most furniture felt pads are attached with adhesives. These adhesives only work if they’re stuck to a clean surface. Wipe down the furniture leg with a solvent (such as acetone) or a mixture of vinegar and water to remove dust and other contaminants.
  • Cut the felt pad to size. Felt pads are less likely to collect dirt, grit and pet hair if they are slightly smaller than the surface they’re being stuck to. If necessary, you can use a pair of scissors to cut the pad into the correct shape.
  • Centre and adhere the felt. Remove the adhesive backing paper, centre the felt pad on the furniture leg, and press it into place firmly. Give the felt pad a gentle tug to make sure it won’t immediately fall off.

That’s it, you’re done! Felt pads tend to collect dirt and grit during normal use. The best way to protect your floors is to replace felt pads every 6-12 months.