Collection: Timber Floor Cleaners

Clean, Protect and Preserve Your Timber Floors with Timber Floor Cleaner

Timber floors and decking are some of the most popular surfaces in Australian homes. Wooden floors look fantastic, but they need regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent the finish from becoming dirty, stained and damaged.

A high quality hard floor cleaner will:

  • Remove dirt, grease, marks and stains
  • Clean wooden floors without stripping natural oils
  • Enhance the natural look of timber
  • Protect against dirt and liquids
  • Prepare the surface for oils, waxes and other treatments

The best way to look after timber floors is to clean them weekly with a natural timber floor cleaner specifically designed for your floor and a damp cotton mop or spray mop.

Quicksand Supplies carries hard floor cleaners from European brands like Woca, Berger-Seidle and Ciranova. These products are world leaders, and they provide the best performance when you need to clean your floors without stripping the natural oils or requiring interior flooring products, such as timber floor varnish.

DIY-Friendly Wooden Floor Cleaner Kits

Looking after your timber floors doesn’t have to be a job for the professionals. With regular cleaning and the right products, you can extend the life of your flooring and enhance its natural beauty. Our Woca Clean and Care Kits are designed with homeowners in mind. The kits include everything you need to clean, protect and revitalise your floors, all in one box. There are two options available:

Our Clean and Care Kit (oiled floors) is best suited to wooden floors that are finished with natural oils, with or without a wax finish. Each kit contains Woca floor cleaner products, including Woca’s Natural Soap, Oil Refreshing Soap, Maintenance Gel and applicator cloths and pads. The Natural Soap can be used on a weekly basis as part of your everyday cleaning routine. For floors that are looking faded or tired, the Oil Refreshing Soap adds a fresh layer of natural oil that’s perfect for restoring timber.

Our hard floor cleaner kits are available in natural and white tones that blend seamlessly with your existing oil finishes. 

Similarly, our Clean and Care Kit (lacquered, vinyl, lvt and laminate floors) offers everything you will need in one box. Each kit contains Woca’s Master Cleaner, Master Care, Intensive Wood Cleaner and a polishing cloth.

These DIY kits are perfect for homeowners who need an all-in-one wooden floor cleaner system. 

Exterior Timber Deck Cleaner

Australia’s harsh weather means that outdoor timbers need more care than most. Storms, dirt and the sun’s UV rays take a toll on features such as decks, fencing and decorative screens. Over time, these things all cause timber to fade and dry out, eventually leading to cracking and splintering.

Using a quality timber deck cleaner is the best way to prolong the life of your outdoor surfaces and protect them from the harsh sun. Exterior timber deck cleaner is designed to remove dirt, mould, stains and green growth and prepare the surface for treatment.

To keep your timbers looking fantastic, we recommend cleaning them with a hose and a stiff broom every 4 weeks. Once per year, you should also use an exterior timber deck cleaner to scrub the surface clean before treating it with an exterior wood oil. Doing this each year will keep decks, screens and fencing looking fantastic for years to come.

We Ship Our Timber Floor Cleaners Australia Wide

Quicksand Supplies works with homeowners and flooring professionals across Australia. There are more than 25 years of flooring experience behind our brand, and we only supply products that we’re happy to use ourselves.

We’ve partnered with several leading European manufacturers to ensure our hard floor cleaners and accessories are world-class. In our catalogue, you’ll find timber cleaning products from brands like Woca, Ciranova and Berger-Seidle. Their products are some of the industry’s best, and they’re ideal for use with vinyl, laminates, and natural timber with an oiled or lacquered finish.

With a range that includes soaps, oil soaps, stain removers and cleaning accessories, we can provide everything you need to get your floors back in shape. You can browse our timber floor cleaner catalogue online, which includes Woca floor cleaner products, at any time.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us if you need advice on Exterior Decking Oil or Timber Floor Maintenance. We’re always happy to discuss your project and help you select the right timber floor cleaner or laminate floor cleaner for your needs.