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Combo Package: AntiSlip R10 + CeramicStar with hardener

AquaSeal CeramicStar is a two-component, water-based premium class hardwood floor finish based on polyurethane. 

This product is high abrasion resistant, of low viscosity and can be easily applied.

Supported by its ceramic components it provides an outstandingly robust finish. Coated floors useable after 12 hours. Furthermore the product is well suited for renovating old floors by blocking old substances in the floor that may be present. 

AquaSeal AntiSlip R10 is a surface structurer generator on the basis of ceramics for AquaSeal CeramicStar. One gets a high-abrasion resistant, highly chemical resistant coating for high-traffic hardwood floors.

AquaSeal CeramicStar matt or ultra matt together with AquaSeal AntiSlip R10 ADD meets the requirements of BGR 181 and DIN 51 130 with the anti-slip class R10, confirmed by the test certificate of the PFI Pirmasens.

Antislip R10 Size: 200ml

CeramicStar Size: 5.5L (includes hardener)

Sheen: Matt or Ultra Matt

Coverage: 10sqm per L (depending on the wood surface and method of working)

Recommendation for a three coat system:

  • Coat 1: AquaSeal FlexPrimer
  • Coat 2: AquaSeal CeramicStar with Hardener
  • Coat 3: AquaSeal CeramicStar, hardener + AquaSeal AntiSlip R10 ADD

Application (CeramicStar): AquaSeal CeramicStar is mixed shortly before use, 10:1 with AquaSeal Hardener (included). Mix well right after adding the hardener. Give the mixture 10 minutes to rest, in order to get the optimum usability. The mixture is good for 2 hours (open time) - note that the mixture remains liquid for about 1 day, but after 2 hours it should not be used as the properties dry film finish will be affected. Mix only as much material as you would need. For smaller quantities we recommend using the Berger-Seidle Mix Bottle (1L).

The coating is applied in 3 coats by roller/brush. Highly absorbent wood species for example beech, maple and ash must not be troweled but roller-coated. Keep in mind that the AquaSeal AntiSlip R10 ADD is used only in the last coat of the lacquer system.

Application (AntiSlip R10): Thoroughly mix AquaSeal AntiSlip R10 prior to use, with AquaSeal CeramicStar parent varnish in the mixing ratio 1:25 by weight. Subsequent to this, as specified for AquaSeal CeramicStar, the hardener is admixed. The ready material is to be used for immediate roller application. When applying the material do, from time to time, thoroughly mix so as to avoid sedimentation and a non-uniform surface structure look.

Special tips: Contrary to conventional solvent-based finishes, CeramicStar should be applied with more liberal coats. The coating should not be excessively spread with the roller.

Drying: In order to avoid excessive swelling pressure, we recommend only one roller application of the coating per day, so that the wood has enough time to release the absorbed water. As a rule, the finish itself can be sanded and cautiously walked on for further work after 3-4 hours at 15-23°C, regular humidity. Insufficient ventilation, low temperature, high humidity as well as thicker finish coats will considerably delay drying. Under standard conditions the finished floor can be put to use after 12 hours. Do not cover with rugs or apply care products for 7 days.

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