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AquaSeal FlexPrimer is a high-quality, water-based acrylate primer reducing edge bonding, for application beneath other AquaSeal finishes.

Featuring a medium grain enhancement and a neutral colour look. It can be applied on all floors sanded down to the wood base. 

Size: 5L

Coverage: 10sqm per L (depending on the wood surface and method of working)

Follow with one of the following:

Application: AquaSeal FlexPrimer is to be roller applied uniformly, onto the sanded raw wood, particularly when applying on porous or absorbent wood species. Application by trowel across the boards is possible on tight grained wooden species. Clean the equipment with water.

Drying: A coating may be applied over the sealer after 1 hour under normal conditions (23 Celsius, 50% humidity), and it is recommended that only one coat by roller is applied per day so that the wood can release absorbed moisture. With limited ventilation, low temperature or increased coat thickness the drying may be delayed considerably.

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