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AquaSeal NordicWhite is a fast drying, water based 1K finishing product for indoor wooden surfaces. It creates an individually flexible build up of a modern Nordic White look. The number of layers create the preferred level of white.

AquaSeal NordicWhite allows easy, controlled and safe application and creates a wonderfully smooth white, ultra matt surface. Overcoating with approved further Berger-Seidle finishes is possible (AquaSeal CeramicStar).

Size: 5L

Sheen: Ultra Matt

Coverage: approx 15sqm per L (depending on the wood surface, method of working and number of coats)

*We highly recommend using the Microfibre Roller for this varnish to give you the best results.

Use the following primer: AquaSeal FlexPrimer

Application: AquaSeal NordicWhite can be applied by roller or brush. The intensity of the whitening effect can be flexibly chosen by the number of layers. It is important to ensure an even layer of thickness in order to achieve the desired effect. Trowelling is not recommended. 

Drying: In order to avoid excessive swelling pressure, we recommend only one roller application of the coating per day so that the wood has sufficient time to release the absorbed water. The coating in general can be sanded and carefully walked on after 3 to 4 hours Insufficient ventilation, low temperatures, high humidity or thick coats may delay drying considerably. Do not expose to wear, cover with rugs or apply care products for 5 days.

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