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Exterior Decking Oil at Quicksand Supplies

Maintaining your deck using Exterior Decking Oil is one of the best things you can do to prolong its life. Sun, storms, dirt and pollution all take their toll on outdoor timbers. Left untreated, decks begin to dry out, which can eventually lead to cracking, warping and rotted timbers. That not only looks bad, it’s costly to repair, and you could find yourself replacing the entire deck.

If you want to avoid the hassle then you’ll need to apply exterior decking oil every 6-12 months. Regularly oiling outdoor timbers provides protection against the elements and it prevents timbers from becoming dry, splintered or cracked.

Oiling your deck is a DIY-friendly project. There are only a few steps involved, and with a little bit of patience you’ll end up with a deck that looks good as new. At Quicksand Supplies we offer everything you need to tackle the work. Our range includes natural decking oil, timber cleaners, application pads, protective top coats and more. We stock high quality exterior decking oil and laminate floor cleaner products that are backed by exceptional service. We’re always happy to help select the best oils for any exterior decking oil project.

How to Apply Exterior Decking Oil

Treating your decks is an easy project that should only take a few hours over the span of a weekend. Wait until the rainy season has passed and then look for a period of sunny weather – that’s the best time to oil your deck. There are only a few steps involved in the exterior decking oil process:

  1. Remove furniture and other items from the deck
  2. Use a stiff broom to clear away leaves, dirt and debris
  3. Clean the surface using an exterior wood cleaner
  4. Allow the timber to dry for 24-48 hours
  5. Sand any rough spots using 120 grit sandpaper
  6. Apply a thin, even coat of decking oil with an applicator pad
  7. Use a clean cloth to wipe off excess oil within 5 minutes
  8. Allow the timber to dry for 5 minutes – if it doesn’t look saturated, repeat the process and apply another coat
  9. Finally, allow the oil to dry for 24-48 hours, and avoid getting the deck wet during the curing process

For best results, natural decking oil should be applied in cool, dry weather during Spring or Autumn. Avoid oiling your deck if it’s going to rain – the excess moisture prevents the oil from drying, leaving a sticky finish that will need to be scrubbed off.

How Much Exterior Decking Oil Do I Need?

The amount of oil you’ll need depends on the size of your deck and the products you’re using. For WOCA’s water-based exterior decking oil you need:

  • 1L per 8-10 square metres (first coat)
  • 1L per 10-15 square metres (second coat)

For example, the average deck is about 30 square metres. You would need 3.75L for the first coat, and 2-3L for the second coat.

It’s a good idea to order more oil than you think you’ll need. Each type of timber reacts differently to being oiled, with some species soaking up more treatment than others. That’s especially true if it has been a long time since the deck was last oiled. Having extra product means you won’t run out part way through the project, ensuring you get a nice, even finish.

WOCA Natural Decking Oil and Cleaner

At Quicksand Supplies we’ve been working in the timber flooring industry for more than two decades. We’re always on the lookout for the best products, and we only supply high quality timber floor varnish or decking oils that we use ourselves.

When it comes to natural decking oil, our favourite product is WOCA’s Exterior Wood Oil. WOCA’s water-based oils are made from natural materials and are suitable for all timber species. They’re also simple to apply and completely DIY-friendly – no prior experience necessary! When paired with WOCA’s Exterior Wood Cleaner, their decking oil rejuvenates old timber while protecting against dirt, dust and UV rays.

Using a water-based, natural decking oil provides long-lasting protection for your outdoor timbers. Unlike oil-based products, water-based oils won’t stain the timber. Instead, water-based oils bring out the natural colour of the wood, giving it a rich appearance.

Can Exterior Decking Oil Be Used on Wooden Furniture?

Yes! Exterior decking oil is ideal for treating a huge range of outdoor surfaces. Because timber is a living material, it tends to fade and dry out over time. Regularly recoating the surface with a natural oil replenishes the moisture, prevents fungus and protects against the sun.

Natural decking oil can be used on treated and untreated outdoor timbers, such as:

  • Outdoor furniture
  • Wooden handrails and trims
  • Privacy and decorative screens
  • Fences and lattices
  • Timber cladding
  • Doors and shutters

The process for treating outdoor timbers is the same as it is for decking. If you are looking for Timber Floor Cleaner products, you can use WOCA Exterior Wood Cleaner, lightly sanding any rough spots and then applying two thin, even coats of your natural decking oil.